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Replacement batteries for mobility scooters.

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Replacement batteries for mobility scooters.

Replacement batteries for mobility scooters

We supply and install replacement batteries for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. On a weekly basis we have people contact us from up and down the Costa del Sol from Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Marbella down to Estepona, wanting to order new replacement batteries presuming that the existing batteries in their mobility scooter have ‘died’.
In some cases, after testing the batteries on our MK Capacity testers, we find that the batteries are not actually the problem and there is no need to buy replacement batteries.

This can be costly if we have delivered the batteries to your home, installed them and the ‘problem’ still persists!

It proves costly for the client because further work then has to be carried out to resolve the issue and get the aid functioning again.

Hola Mobility suggests at least a quick ‘diagnostic chat’ on the phone before we order the batteries.
Even better is if we can have your batteries or complete mobility aid collected or brought to the work shop in Fuengirola (see map) be it a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or power chair.

We will give the batteries a full capacity test for an accurate percentage condition read out, and also test your battery charger to see if the correct current is getting to the batteries whilst on charge.

In some cases it’s just the battery charger that needs replacing, resulting in being a much cheaper option.

As we supply all sizes of AGM and Gel lead sealed batteries, from 5 amp/h to 100amp/h, we can then install the correct replacement batteries for your mobility scooter.

Most small travel scooters are powered by a set of 12amp/h batteries, sometimes 20amp/h. The medium size scooters such as the Invacare Leo, would normally be fitted with 35amp/h batteries. Any of the larger mobility scooters tend to power from 40amp/h to 50amp/h as do the electric wheelchairs such as the Sunrise Medical Quickie.

As soon as we have confirmed the type of batteries your mobility device needs, we will contact you with a price before we proceed.