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Mobility Scooter Sales, Rentals & Repairs

Here at Hola Mobility, we want to make your booking as hassle free as possible for your mobility scooter hire. Let us do the organising, you will receive your mobility aid on your chosen day, then you can relax and enjoy your holiday on the Costa Del Sol.



Make your booking online via our easy BOOKING FORM or contact us directly to discuss and arrange your rental requirements.



Once your booking is confirmed, your mobility products will be delivered on your chosen date direct to your accommodation.

We’ll phone the day before to reconfirm arrangements.



At the end of your holiday we will call you to confirm a suitable time to arrange collection.

(We just respectfully ask that the mobility aid is returned in the same condition as you received it)

Top 6 points to consider when choosing your mobility scooter

Choosing a scooter can be a bit confusing at times, here’s our top points to consider…


Does the mobility scooter need to be lifted and put in the car boot for travel?


What is the weight of the person using the mobility scooter?


What is the realistic desired travel range on one charge for the mobility scooter? This will have a big influence on which models will be suitable for you.


Is the length of the mobility scooter going to restrict entry to your building’s elevator? What is the maximum length the mobility scooter can be?


Will the mobility scooter be used to ride up steep hills? This is very important for us to qualify the type of motor strength you would need.


Will the mobility scooter be used to navigate around any particularly ‘tight bends’ such as a zig-zag access ramp to your apartment block?

Why wait! Book now, its quick & easy

All our rental mobility scooters are delivered to your door, fully charged and ready to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I fit my mobility scooter inside an elevator in my hotel?
A: This obviously depends on the inside length of the elevator. Our small scooters will generally fit inside an average elevator, the medium and large most often not.

Q: Where can I park my mobility scooter at night to charge the battery?
A: Most hotels on the Costa Del Sol will allow mobility scooters to be parked downstairs in the lobby to charge the battery over night. (you don’t have to pay to charge your scooter).

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit to receive my mobility aid?
A: We don’t take a deposit but we respectfully ask you to take care of the mobility product and return it in the same condition as received. For any severe damage caused to the product OR theft, there WILL be a cost depending on the severity.

Q: What if I order the wrong mobility aid and need to change it?
A: If when you receive your mobility aid you the realize you have ordered the wrong one, we simply take it away and redeliver the correct product BUT with the repeated delivery charge.

Q: Can I get a cash refund if I cancel my rental period after a few days?
A: We can refund part of the cash depending on the days left of the rental period. We will advise you at the time once calculated.

Q: What happens if my mobility scooter breaks down during my holiday?
A: First of all call us on our 7 days a week phone line that will be provided. We will either talk you through a few steps to troubleshoot and solve the problem, or we will arrange to collect and simply swap your mobility scooter for a replacement.

Q: Will I be charged for a ‘call out’ if my mobility scooter breaks down.
A: There will be a fee to pay ONLY if the ‘problem’ is a USER ERROR. For example the battery was not charged before use. A puncture. A misuse of the recommended manner. The fee will be the same amount as the already paid ‘delivery’ fee

Q: What’s the travel range on a full battery charge?
A: The smaller travel mobility scooters tend to have a range of 8-10 miles on new batteries. Some of the bigger mobility scooters can have a travel range of 45 miles. Its very important to consider your desired travel range when selecting your mobility scooter.

Q: Is there a maximum weight that a mobility scooter can carry?
A: Each weight limit depends on the model of the scooter. Generally though small travel scooters carry approx 90-110kg, mid size mobility scooters carry approx up to 140kg, and the larger mobility scooters can carry up 180kg