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Mobility Scooter Repairs & Services

Mobility Scooter Sales, Rentals & Repairs

It’s important to service and maintain your electric mobility scooter

Our in-house experience and expertise you can trust and rely on.

Mobility Scooter Servicing & Maintenance

We take on any make or model for repairs and maintenance. Our access to spare parts is second to none in Spain!


It’s important that if you are regularly using your electric power chair or mobility scooter, that it has at least an annual service.
The service checks over all electrical and mechanical moving parts to check performance and condition.

A full deep cycle capacity test of each battery will be done with a percentage result read out so we can record the current state of your batteries and not be caught off guard when it’s time to replace them. The price for a service is around €60-€70.


Your mobility scooter may simply need a puncture repair. We supply and install new inner tubes and tyres where and when necessary. Even broken plastic shrouds we can fix for you with fiberglass skills, then repainting if need be to make your scooter look like new.


An electric mobility scooter or wheel chair is made up of various electrical components. We stock most components needed for most makes and models so we can offer a quick turn around to get your mobility aid back to you fully functioning in as shorter time as possible.


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New Tyres & Puncture Repairs

It’s very easy to have the misfortune of a puncture in the tyre whilst out riding your mobility scooter.

We can repair punctures but also if needed we can supply and install a new inner tube and even a new tyre if necessary.


Battery Testing & Replacement

The batteries in your mobility scooter or electric power chair are either gel or AGM (absorbed glass matt). Lithium batteries are rare but sometimes found in the latest travel scooter models.

Each battery has a life span which amounts to a certain number of full cycle charges, this can depend on the quality/brand of the battery. Gel batteries have almost double the life span of AGM batteries.

A well cared for and regular charged decent battery should last at least 2-3 years. Over time, the travel period the batteries allow will slowly decrease. If you are finding that your batteries run flat after just a short distance of travel, then it’s probably time to have them tested and most likely replaced with new ones.


Basket Replacement

Having a front basket on your mobility scooter proves to be a great convenience for carrying shopping or a few personal items whilst out and about. Unfortunately the baskets can get stolen or damaged.

We keep a stock of new and second hand baskets at our store in Fuengirola. What ever model scooter you have, you can be sure we have a replacement front basket for it.


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