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Custom sized mobility scooter.

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Custom sized mobility scooter.

A custom sized mobility scooter can often be the solution when needing a short wheelbase scooter to fit inside the elevator, but with a large motor for an 8 mph speed and longer travel range.

Due to the Costa del Sol being built up of large high rise buildings and hotels, this is as you can imagine a common request.

The market is full of smaller travel scooters that measure approx 100 cm in length. Even this length of 100 cm is often still too long to fit inside some of the older elevators, especially in Malaga city centre.

The general design is that the smaller the scooter, the size of the batteries and the size of the motor is smaller than most other models. This meaning that even tho the smaller travel scooter may fit inside the lift as requested, it only runs on small 12 amp batteries, and the scooter has a motor that has a maximum carrying capacity of approximately 100kg.

Hola Mobility have overcome this issue with a fantastic method using one of their larger models for a custom sized mobility scooter. The ‘Vlasta’ is a unique model based on a 3 wheel scooter with side front stabilizers. It has a 450 watt motor and can measure as short as 80 cm total length. Also being built as a bigger scooter, it has excellent power for the steeper hills of Benalmadena and Torremolinos to name a few places along the coast. With the ability to house 2 x 50 amp batteries, this scooter can travel for over 55km travel range!

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We can deliver from Duquesa, Estepona, San Pedro and Marbella , even the other side from Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos.