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Lost the key to your mobility scooter?

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Lost the key to your mobility scooter?

Having a replacement key for your mobility scooter can literally save the day! Have you lost the key to start your electric mobility mobility scooter? As annoying and inconvenient as it is, it’s very common. Think how many car keys and house keys are lost by so many people over the years.

When you purchase a new mobility scooter direct from a mobility shop or even from an online shop, they tend to come with a spare key. However a lot of second hand scooters normally have had the spare key already lost, and the seller provides just one key.

So if you happen to loose this key, and you need a replacement key for your mobility scooter, take a note of the make and model of your scooter and send us an email with the details. Even better a photograph will inform us of the key that it needs.

Here at Hola Mobility we stock many spare keys for most makes of scooters. Incase you didn’t realize, the key for a mobility scooter isn’t a personal unique key for that mobility scooter. It’s a ‘model key’ where one key for that particular model will fit, and start the scooter.
If we don’t have the key in stock, we can source the correct key for you from our supplier in UK. If push really comes to shove, a last option is that we can change the key barrel for you, and then provide two keys, one for spare. It’s a slightly more costly option than just sourcing a new key, but sometimes it’s the faster and more certain option to ensure you always have the ability to start your mobility when ever you need it.
Whether you live in Torremolinos, Benalmadena or even further down towards Marbella or Estepona, we can arrange to get the key to you, or if need be, collect and deliver your mobility scooter after the relevant work is done.
Dont be stuck without a key, visit our website and contact us today!