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Batteries for mobility scooters.

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Batteries for mobility scooters.

Mobility Scooter scooter batteries can prove to be an expensive purchase, especially the larger sizes for the bigger scooters.

At HolaMobility we are often asked to ‘fix’ a scooter or electric wheelchair because ‘it’s not charging up, and we left it for 5 days now’.

This is so dangerous and we strongly recommend that if your batteries are not charged up fully over a period of 15 hours, then unplug the charger and seek assistance for a battery capacity test.
A client recently brought in his mobility scooter for a service because it had stopped working. He bought the scooter from an online shop about 6 months ago. As it was sold with new batteries, he was expecting to get at least a years use from them.
A lot of the cheaper on line Chinese brands are sold with low quality batteries to save on the final retail price. Added to that, these batteries could be sat in a store for a year without being charged. This will most certainly damage the cells and drastically shorten their life span for when the buyer starts the use of the scooter.

In this particular instance the client had left the batteries charging for 4 days thinking if he leaves them on charge long enough surely they will ‘fill up’. This type of battery do not work in this manner. They had an electrical current dripping into them for all this time but the charge cells were totally unable to accept the charging amps.

The result as you is a set of 12volt 12amp batteries on the brink of explosion and fire.
We had to force out the deformed cells from the battery box and carefully dispose of what were now potentially dangerous items.

We strongly advise our customers to care for their mobility scooter batteries. Charging them correctly will si sita in their life expectancy. When it comes to the time to buy new batteries, don’t buy in price. The cheapest ones out there do not mean they are the worst, but also they may not be manufactured to a decent safety standard, ultimately leading to early problems in the near future.
At HolaMobility we can provide and install new batteries, also give you a 6 mnth warranty period for them. We use a preferred supplier from Malaga who only deal with quality battery brands so we can ensure confidence of them not being problematic for our customers.

Feel free to contact us for prices if you are needing replacement batteries.