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FUENGIROLA – Mini Tourist Guide

It was as far back as the 60’s when the coastal town of Fuengirola started to become a more popular tourist resort that eventually had the infrastructure and facilities to cater for entertainment and dining out etc..

Fuengirola is known for its long and wide beaches laying parallel to its marble Paseo Marita ‘promenade’ that stretches from east to west of the town.

Many hotels are built along the main strip along the beach offering accommodation to its thousands of anual visitors every year. Spring and autumn is the popular time for the elderly retired to visit, so these tend to be our busier months for mobility rentals and hire products.

Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can be used easily all over town as the streets are very flat and a lot of hotels and public places have been adapted to be mobility friendly.
As of today there has been a registered number of approximately 72,000 permanent inhabitants living in the area of Fuengirola.

Amongst the locals that live in Fuengirola, there is a very noticeable amount of English, Irish, Scandinavian and Morrocan culture. Figures say it’s 25% of the overall count but this number is growing each year as the area offers so much it’s really quite an attractive place for anyone to want to live.

Amongst the attractions of Fuengirola there is a Zoo known as Bioparc Fuengirola. This establishment has been open since 2010 and has had hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years.The zoo specializes in captive breeding for endangered species, chimpanzee-group research and tropical forest education.

There are a number of historical sites in Fuengirola worth a visit.
A visit to the old fishing port, still used by the local fisherman. The Moorish castle, Suhail, that has been preserved as an abandoned ruin until renovations took place in 1995. Five years later, the insides of the castle were totally reconstructed and renovated so that Suhail Castle could start to host live concerts during the summer months.

There is a steep hill to the top of the castle but unfortunately too steep for the motors of the electric mobility aids to handle. We would not recommend trying to ride a mobility scooter up the steep incline as it may result in causing damage to the motor or even breaking down leaving the person stuck on a slope. This can be very distressing for anyone with a physical walking disability.

However there are many other sites to visit in Fuengirola such as the old town. A great place to hire a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair if you are unable to walk far, as there are many small streets with many shops and restaurants offering all a visitor would need.

If Fuengirola is your chosen holiday destination this year and you would like to hire a mobility scooter or wheelchair, be sure to click our equipment hire page.